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Governor Roy Cooper announced today that Eli Lilly & Company, one of the fastest growing healthcare technology companies in the United States, will establish a new operations center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, creating 400 jobs. On Tuesday, Eli-Lilly said it would invest $470 million to build the new drug manufacturing factory in Durham, N.C., an expansion that would create 460 jobs, according to a Commerce Department press release.

KBI Biopharma is adding 400 jobs to its US business in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. RTP, a leading public research university in Raleigh, New York, is a central location for professionals from around the country and around the world with a strong focus on research, education and innovation. Located north of Charlotte, NC, the 350-acre research center houses more than 1,000 faculty, students and staff and is the largest research facility of its kind in the nation.

The Department of Administration is applying for positions in the state of South Carolina and seeking information about the service and training of employees for current state employees. General information sheets are available on the website of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and on its Facebook page.

Businesses and job seekers are encouraged to visit NCWorks Online, a great source of job information in North Carolina and South Carolina. If you are interested in filling a position in life sciences, biotechnology or healthcare, find out why the NCBiotech Jobs Board is the best place to connect with North Carolinians with life science talent. Apply now by posting a vacancy on the board's Facebook page or on its website. Jobs open to external candidates will be posted on the NC Biotech website, the Department of Health and Human Services Facebook page and the Office of Personnel Management Twitter account.

The person concerned should contact the Employment Service on 919-962-2991 or visit the Employment Service of the HR Office on Facebook and Twitter. Visit the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services website to find out about working hours, directions, vouchers, and more. This policy will become part of the Department's policy and practice for all health care providers in the state. It consists of a team of people dedicated to a specific area of research and development, such as biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, pharmaceuticals or medical devices.

UNC Chapel Hill's Employment Division maintains documentation to support the recruitment and selection process and provides evidence-based information to monitor and evaluate the department's recruitment, selection procedures and procedures. Once the Personnel Commission has approved the information and has used existing university sources to explain recruitment / selection policies and procedures, UNC ChapelHill will share this information directly with current employees.

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill offers regular recruitment / selection training to managers, supervisors and recruiters. UNC ChapelHill's recruitment and selection policies, procedures and procedures are communicated in written materials and during training.

North Carolina's Eastern Region has a wide range of life sciences strengths, and there are more than 600 life sciences companies in North Carolina, most of which are located in the Wake County Research Triangle region. The following list lists some of the state's major employers responsible for the demand for skilled workers in that state. This directory includes those who support or are associated with thriving industries such as health care, education, health and human services, engineering, manufacturing, transport and storage. These training programs provide a unique academic, industrial, government and search function and are applicable to a wide range of jobs, from technical and managerial positions to management and administrative positions.

North Carolina is strongly represented in the brewing, tourism and manufacturing, as well as in the manufacturing and transportation industries.

Elizabeth City State University, a University of North Carolina institution, offers a diverse student body degrees in Baccalaureate, Professional and Master's degrees. The Ministry of Education allows us to work with and hire teachers from under-represented groups working in schools with high needs. In an effort to support teachers and families, we are working together to gather and create resources to provide weekly learning activities that do not require technology and are in line with NC standards. We offer a wide range of educational programs for students from low income families and students with disabilities.

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