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I # ve wanted to write about restaurants that everyone in Chapel Hill should try for a while, and I hope to win back the favor with this post. I was lucky enough to be guided by some of my readers to some delicious gems in and around Chapel Hills.

If you want to read about another gem in Chapel Hill, check out my feature on Honeysuckle Tea House. If you've ever been to Sutton's, you should definitely try it, as it's one of my favorite restaurants in Chapel Hills.

If you can't stop by to sit down for breakfast, look at their to-go baked goods, and if you don't eat meat, there are a few, but not many vegetarian options. The biscuit combo comes with a homemade sweet tea, so there's no bad option here, along with regular Vietnamese coffee and vegan chocolate.

If you're in a group or looking for something more, Weaver Street Market is a good place to look around the city, but note that technically it's in Carrboro, neighboring Chapel Hill. If you have been to the city before, you can always return for lunch or dinner, or maybe even for an evening at a local bar or restaurant.

Mexican staples are expertly prepared (most starters cost less than $20 and most nights are packed) and, of course, it's the skies of the South. From clinging - drunk - eating - from - and - drinking - at - the - bar - pure - your - car - while - you -'re - drinking - it - all night - with - one - glass - full - wine - go dishes, this city has something for everyone.

Make sure you order the queso and guacamole to match your order, but remember that the appetizer portions are huge and you are likely to have leftovers. Chicken dumplings, country soups and stews are also delicious, there's nothing wrong with one of the huge burritos and I guarantee you'll be absolutely full of them. If you're still wondering what the Latin-Asian fusion looks like, try a samosa as an appetizer, perhaps a mixed vegetable pakora or a pad Thai al Pastor, a fan favorite.

If you're in love with Estelles Shrimp and Grits, the allspice cheese is dying and the biscuits are smothered in sausage sauce, bacon and mushroom sauce. When I first visited, I decided to order the chicken biscuits with cheese to add another layer of Mediterranean charm. They are famous for their shrimp and grains And I enjoyed it with a side of chicken and cheese and a slice of bacon. Being a wolverine, we ordered hash browns but slipped into our sandwich.

If you're looking for something other than pho, the lemongrass prawn vermicelli is delicious, as is the BBQ chicken dish. You might ask if you want to add rice to the pasta, but the taste is very rich. The mango salad is served with Chinese Yu Tiao (fried bread), which is filled with similarly savory churros and shrimp. My recommendation is baked mango salads, and the grilled chicken is delicious.

The Malabar prawns with coconut tamarind sauce are delicious, as are the shrimp and rice with mango coconut sauce and the chicken and shrimp salad with a spicy mango sauce.

They also run a clean program for children called Kitchen Patrol, which teaches them the importance of local food and inspires them to become chefs themselves.

Food Lion is full of all the ingredients you need to conjure up a delicious meal, and they have a ton of simple recipe ideas to feed your loved ones while they clean up after themselves. Visit us to find out if you want a free sample of one of their delicious recipes or if you can find them at your local grocery store.

He likes to cook in the kitchen and add salads, grilled nectarines and blue cheese. This is embodied in rice noodles tossed in a hoisin-based sauce and braised pork with rice and noodles.

The sandwiches and burgers here are pretty good and there are at least a few basketball players you can see at any time. In the evening, the Tequila-Sake combo bar is also a pleasure, and I particularly recommend visiting it in the late afternoon or early evening after a long day's work.

Chapel Hill - Durham is arguably the biggest rivalry in athletics and is home to a vibrant and up-and-coming food scene that is not for the faint-hearted. If you're going to draw for UNC-Duke, I think we all agree that the food in this college town is special. We should be talking about the best restaurants in Durham, not just the most famous, but across the state.

A meal here is a Chapel Hill ritual and you don't want to give up on the homemade southern comfort food. The staff is friendly and friendly and it is a restaurant where you feel at home. Bebe: Here in Durham you will surely find the best barbecue, ribs, chicken, pork, beef, lamb and pork ribs.

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