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Surrounded by interactive models, dioramas and theaters, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is a place of discovery for people of all ages. Located in the heart of Chapel Hill, just blocks from the University of Carolina campus, this museum houses a collection of historical artifacts, a statistical and historical panel that highlights the history of the Carolina basketball program and much more. Art comes alive and jumps off the fall wall of August 25, 2020 with the new exhibit "The Carolina Art of Basketball" of the Carolinas Basketball Hall of Fame.

The permanent collection of the Ackland Art Museum includes more than 18,000 works of art, featuring both Asian and European masterpieces. This museum has an extensive collection of North Carolina ceramics with over 2,500 exhibits from the Carolina Museum of Art collection, as well as a variety of other artworks from around the world, including ceramics, sculpture, photography, painting and photography.

The museum's collections provide educational, aesthetic, intellectual and cultural experiences for North Carolina citizens. A large part of the collection contributes to the cultural heritage of the state and its economic and social development. The digital collection provides a collection that promotes research, stimulates learning and enriches the education of students, faculty, staff, visitors and the general public. We work with North Carolinians from all cultural and cultural institutions to scan, describe, and publish information from the museum's extensive collection, including the groundbreaking North Carolina Research Campus Archive, the Carolina Museum of Art's Digital Archive, and other collections.

Raleigh has a particularly large number of free museum offerings in the state capital, and many of them are in Chapel Hill. The Kidzu Children's Museum is a great place for the younger ones who want to make a cool weekend trip. The NC State Art Museum is free to visit every day, but if you just want to discover something natural and beautiful, you can have a change.

Visit the Ackland Art Museum with your family every day. It is an affiliate of the University of North Carolina and has been an important cultural center in the area since 1958. Located on the campus of UNC - Chapel Hill's College of Arts and Sciences, it is one of the most popular museums in North Carolina's favorite city.

Its mission to preserve and showcase the state's past has led the North Carolina Museum of History to regularly house more than 150,000 artifacts in a collection spanning more than six centuries. The collection includes images from over 100 states and counties, while the collection also includes hundreds of thousands of photos, manuscripts, letters and other 19th and 20th century artifacts, as well as collections of correspondence, fan files and photographs collected over the years in the archives of UNC - Chapel Hill's College of Arts and Sciences.

The first commission was done in 1938 for the Morgantown, North Carolina, post office, which was the first post office in the state capital and the first town hall in the city.

The on-site fire insurance cards are available at the Morgan Wootten Morgan Museum of Civil War History in Morgantown, North Carolina. The Digital Collections Division preserves and supports the collections of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington, D.C., as well as the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The Civil War Digital Collection is the largest of its kind in the nation and one of only a handful of such collections in America.

The Mountain Gateway Museum offers educational programs for children and adults, as well as a variety of educational activities for adults. The museum includes exhibits on the history of North Carolina and the United States in the past, present and future. It includes a dinosaur trail, dinosaur trails, an exhibition on dinosaurs and a museum of fossils, fossils and fossils.

There is no better place in Chapel Hill than the North Carolina Museum of Natural History, the state's oldest museum.

If history is your passion, join us for a free Chapel Hill guide describing UNC's campus and Franklin Street history. Be sure to visit the North Carolina Collection Gallery, which features a variety of exhibitions that change year by year, as well as special events such as the annual Christmas tree lighting.

If you want to experience some history, visit our guide to the North Carolina Museum of Natural History in Chapel Hill. We dug in at Carrboro and Chapel Hill on our Taste of Carolina food tour, but we thought it would be fun to hike in North North Caroliners, too. Our walk in the Carolina North Forest includes a hike through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Appalachian Trail, and we think you'll have fun too!

The North Carolina Museum of Natural History in Chapel Hill houses the state's digitization and digital publishing program. The digitized website houses more than 1,000 books, manuscripts, photos and other materials, all digitally displayed and maintained by the House and other state and local libraries and archives.

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