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Chapel Hills housing market for the 2020s is evolving to continue the trend of recent years as one of the hottest markets in North Carolina. The cheapest new homes are in Chapel Hill, with a median home price of about $1.5 million. Other types of apartments that predominate in Chapel Hill are single-family homes, duplex apartments, townhouses and houses that are converted into apartments.

Finley Forest is the most affordable neighborhood in Chapel Hill, with a home price of about $150,000. Most affordable rental apartments are also found in the city center as well as in some of its most desirable neighborhoods.

There are also a lot of apartments in Chapel Hill built between 1940 and 1969, and there are also many affordable rental apartments in the city center and in some of the most desirable neighborhoods.

According to Chapel Hill foreclosure data provided by Zillow, the percentage of delinquent mortgages in Chapel Hill is 5.1%, lower than Durham and Chapel Hills Metro, at 5% and 4.4%, respectively. That means 29% of properties in Chapel Hill, NC, are owned by the bank, while the number of homes listed for sale on RealtyTrac is 287. That is about twice the federal average, and above the 0.2% average for the entire state of North Carolina as a whole, and above the national average of 1.3% for all states.

A city of great size and varied terrain, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, there are many quaint townhouses for sale. Below is a list of the homes in Chapel Hill that includes some of the most sought after properties in the city, as well as a brief description of each.

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Chapel Hill is one of North Carolina's most famous and prestigious cities and is home to several universities and colleges, including UNC - Chapel Hill, Duke University and the University of South Carolina. There are several colleges and universities nearby, including the College of William and Mary, UNC School of Law, UNC ChapelHill and UNC Charlotte. Keller Williams Chapelhill, NC, offers a wide range of online courses that provide the required pre-licensing courses in a classroom environment. Graduates or those who want to go back to college will find a wide range of courses in our online courses.

Chapel Hill is the largest city in North Carolina, Durham and Raleigh are about 10 and 30 miles away, respectively. Chapel Hill, Durham, Andaleigh form the three corners of the research triangle named after the "Research Triangle Park" near Durham or Raleigh. The triangle consists of three major research universities, the University of North Carolina, Duke University and UNC - Charlotte.

This superb feature explains why the Chapel Hill property market received a score of 76 out of 100. Among cities and towns in the United States, home prices in ChapelHill are well above the national average. According to a real estate company called, the median house price in Chapels is about $3500. Hill is the most expensive in North Carolina at $486,649. There are a lot of great amenities like parks, restaurants, shopping and entertainment, but the average cost of living for a single-family home is much higher than the national average and Chapelhill house prices are the most expensive of all in North Carolina, according to the Real Estate Institute of America (RIA). In fact, Chapel Hills is among the most "expensive" in America, with an average price of $1,895,000.

A hot offer in Chapel Hill can be received in 38 days and sold for half the list price. The median price for a home that sells for about $419,000 is less than a week, according to the Real Estate Institute of America (RIA).

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